The little things, that make the big things happen...

Today, I was overwhelmed with God's provision and timing.  

I was driving to the studio to work on patterns for our Fall 2014 Collection. I hadn't heard back from our manufacture on whether some Spring '14 fabric had arrived. It'd been a few weeks since I'd inquired and I was trying not to feel uneasy. I needed to get gas, and as I stopped I thought I'd call Mr. H and see if I could get an update. I took a deep breath and prayed. I asked that our material would be found and that Mr. H would answer and be able to chat. I got out my phone and went to open my contacts. My phone rang and the screen read, "Mr. H." I answered and he was able to answer all my questions....and the materials had been found. I got off the phone and all I could do was laugh and smile. God was one step ahead. He knew Mr. H would call when he had all the answers to my emails and when I needed to know them. The answers to these question could have greatly impacted our business, but as we continue to put it in His hands and let go, He continues to push us forward in His timing and provide. 

After getting gas, I went into the studio and started patterning and came to a few styes where I realized I didn't have all the updated pieces with the right fit added in. I realized our patterns never arrived back from our grader, and she'd sent them some time ago. My mind started to slightly panic, its the Holidays and I had to finish a few styles before I fly home on Thursday and I can't move forward without them. I sent Libby a text at 4:29 that asked, "Did our patterns ever arrive?" At 4:40 I sent her a text that read, "The doorbell just was our patterns."

Over and over I am overwhelmed to serve a God that even two days before his big birthday bash, is coordinating phone calls and delivering packages. I am so thankful that nothing is too big and nothing is ever too unimportant for our God. 

Wishing you all the best this Christmas season. May we all remember the true meaning of Christmas and the Joy and Peace we can have in a Savior that came to us one Christmas day. The best package that has ever arrived. 

Merry Christmas.